It’s so much more than just a cord.

You’ve brought all your resources together to finish the installation, and you realize you’re missing an important part: the power cord. This brings on a new set of challenges—obtaining the right cord while keeping your project on track, without incurring additional costs. When looking for a power cord provider, there are some considerations you need to make to avoid a costly error down the line.

Buying a cheap power cord may seem ideal up front to stay within budget, but that can cost exponentially more if the cord is defective—or worse—counterfeit. The damage it can cause can cost millions.

StayOnline, the power cord manufacturer, provides top quality power cords to fulfill your needs, including short delivery times and competitive pricing with no MOQ (minimum order quantity). StayOnline offers one-stop shopping to ensure your project stays on track and within budget.

Why Choose StayOnline?

Find the Most Extensive In-Stock
Selection and Global Distribution

StayOnline's extensive inventory ensures quick turnaround times. 

We stock a massive array of hard-to-find products in our inventory, providing extensive options for your power cord needs, including:

  • IEC 60320
  • IEC 60309
  • NEMA Straight Blade
  • NEMA Twist-Lock®
  • Power Distribution Whips
  • Hubbell, Pass & Seymour, ABB and much more


We proudly manufacture products in the USA. We ship from the United States, Europe and Asia. Full traceability of materials and product compliance provide the highest quality results.


Over 4,500 SKUs

stocked and ready to ship

"I rely on the rich information-filled website. When I build a system for a foreign customer, Stayonline is my ONLY source for power cords and connectors."

- Ed Collins, Viasat 

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StayOnline Products

Real-Time Customization,
No Minimum Order Quantity

StayOnline requires no minimum quantity for stocked orders. Whether using our custom cord builder or collaborating with our on-site engineers, we stand behind the quality and full traceability of our products.


Using our innovative CordBuilder technology empowers you to design, price and order a custom product in real-time

“we appreciate The colored and custom cables. stayonline has Excellent customer support and Very fast delivery times. The website has improved considerably over time, too.”

- randolph addison, andrews federal credit union

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Engineering Expertise

We want to provide you with a part that will help you achieve success. To do this, you can speak with product experts to answer your questions and guide you through the process of determining exactly what you need.

Our engineers can work closely with you on new product development and serve as a resource on:

  • Product design
  • Best practices
  • Electrical Codes
  • Compliance

 StayOnline values your time, so our engineering staff ensures all new products comply with the highest electrical standards.


3 Electrical Engineers
and 2 Plastics Engineers

ensure compliance with the highest electrical standards

“The thing I love about StayOnline is that there's always a commitment to help to comply with our customers' demand! I thank you for that!“

Ricardo Charles, Vertico

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Safe & Quality Product Reputation:
The Perfect Order

We pride ourselves on supplying you with high-quality products that meet all the required standards. We are ISO certified, and our quality team inspects every product when it’s manufactured and distributed to avoid counterfeit cords from corrupting your supply chain.

Does your supplier protect you?

  • Only 10% of the factories we site inspect, meet our quality standards and are added to our supply chain.
  • Our employees are positioned in Asia to inspect product before it leaves the factory.
  • We site inspect against 23 different quality cheats we have identified in manufacturing.
  • We audit all agency approvals, processes, certifications, and materials to assure compliance.

4 metrics

that make up the perfect order:

Requested Ship Date
Ship Complete
Order Accuracy

“I can speak directly with a person when needed. Products are quickly shipped. Product costs are reasonable, and quality is industry standard.

Jerry Nethken, Anthro

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quality for your products.

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We understand that selecting the right power cord isn’t always easy. StayOnline provides all the necessary resources to make the process easy for you. 

Our unique manufacturing capabilities empower you—our valued customer—to design custom products with the quickest turnaround time in the industry.

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