Powering your

Data Center

You’re trusting the daily operations of your data center to a series of power cords. A Power Distribution chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Assure there are no dangerous counterfeit products or disconnects by standardizing with StayOnline’s quality power cords. Here’s how StayOnline can power your data center. 

Front of Data Center

Powering your Data Center

No matter how you deliver power to your racks StayOnline has you covered. After you’ve clicked around and explored all our solutions to deliver power to the rack, open up the back of the rack and learn everything we can do in the rack

Overhead Electrical Drops

Our custom overhead bus drops allow you to choose a box or connector, length and type of cord. We build custom drops that are UR compliant. We can even install a cord drop grip for added support.

Rack Cooling/Airflow

As density in the data center increases, so does the need for efficient cooling. StayOnline helps you reduce heat buildup and increase airflow to get better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Back of Data Rack

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Distribution Boxes

When existing electrical infrastructure doesn't support your equipment or additional outlets are needed, leverage our custom distribution boxes to deliver power where you need it.

PDU Whips

For underfloor power cabling, StayOnline offers customized solutions for PDU Cables, branch circuit power distribution cable or power whips to carry power underneath a raised floor from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or Remote Power Panel (RPP)
Powering your Data Center

Back of Data Center

Inside the Rack

Powering your equipment, efficiently and safely is our highest priority. Explore inside the rack to learn the stocked and custom solutions StayOnline offers to meet your Data Center needs.

CDU Input Cords

Power your Cabinet Power Distribution Unit(CDU) with standard or custom cord options. Now you can install the correct cord length for your exact specifications.

Cable Management

Organize your cords and cables to create a visually pleasing and clean environment while maintaining functionality and maximum airflow.

Power Cords

We stock the largest selection of power cords in the world with the widest variety of color, lengths, angles and locking options. We can create custom length cords to fit your application exactly. StayOnline proudly manufactures in the U.S. If we don't stock it, we can make it!

Plug Adapters

With over 21 categories of plug adapters and pigtails, StayOnline can bridge the gap between your equipment and just about any power source.

Auto Transfer Switches

Ensure power redundancy for your equipment with single power supplies with our full line of Zonit Auto Transfer Switches.

Secure Sleeves

A quick and inexpensive solution to retrofit loose fitting cords — increase the cord retention by up to 400%.

Cage Nut Tool

No more bloody knuckles installing your rack mounting hardware. Use our exclusive Cage Nut Tool to easily install and remove cage nuts from your racks.

IEC Outlet Shield

Prevent circuit overloading and tripping a breaker by blocking off unused outlets. Our special removal tool prevents tampering.
Inside the Rack

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Back of Data Rack

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Knowledge is Power

Our website is consistently one of the top destinations on the internet for power-path-related searches. In the case of our online resources, knowledge literally is power.

Power Cord Best Practices

The top 6 things you need to consider before choosing the right power cord.

IEC 60320 Locking Cords

Locking IEC power cords provide added power cord security and enhanced reliability, eliminating the need for cumbersome cord retention solutions. 

Color Cords

Use color to your advantage to make adds, moves and changes a breeze. Prevent outages by distinguishing power paths in high-density installations with StayOnline color cords. 

Angled Cords

Angled cord options make it easier to access the back of equipment, reduce dislodging and create tidy connections.