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Stamp of Approval: 5 Reasons to Consider Global Power Cords

Does your data center passport include a stamp for global power cords? Organizations that oversee worldwide data center builds and related power projects are increasingly turning to global power cords for their array of advantages. Consider some of the most notable:

1. More compatibility. We know how complex new data center builds can be especially when it comes to global projects. You could be juggling numerous components including the shipping of product from country to country. Consider our global cords to help you lighten the load. Global cords offer compatibility all in one cord, allowing you to reuse product across projects and geographic locations. Instead of using multiple part numbers for one cord, you could use a single global cord that’s compatible across multiple countries.

2. Easy to adapt. Data center builds can be complicated ── and rarely do they go exactly as planned. Yet global power cords make it easy to pivot with your project, despite the complexities or surprises that may arise along the way. This level of flexibility can be especially helpful when you’re tasked with managing multiple facilities across numerous time zones.

3. Enable standardization. StayOnline’s global cords have received the approvals needed across multiple countries, making it is easy to standardize on a single model. As a result, you can quickly deploy rollouts worldwide on one SKU. Additionally, standardizing on global power cords helps dramatically reduce stocking requirements.

4. Prevent code violations. Using global power cords is an efficient way for businesses to avoid customs hassles (and inspection disasters) in uncertain installation destinations. StayOnline global cords adhere to high quality standards and have approvals for multiple country certifications—and the many cord jacket standards—so your cords won’t violate the code for the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

5. Show your true colors. While blue and red have long represented the common colors of global power cords, StayOnline has recently added black and white to the mix. We also manufacture custom cords in additional colors so you can mix and match your palette as you wish.

Ready to give your stamp of approval to global cords? StayOnline maintains the industry's largest inventory of power cords and has the ability to make custom cords conveniently out of its North Carolina facility. Visit our website to browse products and connect with us to talk more about your application today.


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