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The Real Cost of Customer Service When You Buy Cheap Cords

When budgets are tight, shoppers get frugal, and the search for the best price almost always leads to the internet. With a quick Google search, you can pull up dozens of pages filled with vendors vying for your business. And when you see the products on-screen, they all look similar, which makes cost an even more prominent differentiator. You pick a less expensive option, cross your fingers, and hope for a diamond in the rough. But in most cases, the result isn’t a diamond at all; it’s just rough.

We’ve all been here before. Cheaper is almost never better, especially when it comes to product development and the type of power cord you purchase. At StayOnline, we understand that cost and time (or lack thereof) can significantly influence your power cord purchasing decision. To ensure our customers never find themselves in a cheap situation, we offer the world’s largest inventory of products — available for fast delivery. We also custom manufacture and deliver esoteric products in record time to meet your exact specifications, and can connect you with our vast global supply chain for high-quality products at a great price. We even have overseas quality agents to ensure that your order meets every expectation for quality, cost, and delivery. Here are several more reasons why you should always choose a reputable power cord manufacturer over a cheap product vendor.

1. Cheap Products Can Be Dangerous

According to the last study done by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), electrical failure or malfunction in 45,210 homes caused 420 civilian deaths and 1,370 civilian injuries between 2010-2014. Non-home structure fires involving some type of electrical failure or malfunction resulted in $614 million in direct property damage during that same time span. Another 739 people died from exposure to electricity on the job. When outfitting equipment with a power cord, cheap is not the way to go. Just imagine the cost of liability should your product be found responsible for a fire, injury or death.

2. Poor (or no) Customer Service

Many times, manufacturers are able to offer cut-throat pricing because they can’t offer much else. They might not even have a customer service department and, if they do, it’s likely not equipped to handle the volume of inquiries and requests that their product is undoubtedly eliciting.

3. Zero Empathy For Your Problem

If a manufacturer’s product is cheap, they’re the first ones to know it and often the last to admit it. They probably aren’t in business to grow long-term customer relationships, and they’ve likely heard your complaint about their product a million times. Since they already made their money, the most you are likely to get is a canned response that feels nothing like resolution or (best case) a replacement of the same poor-quality product.

4. Back to The Drawing Board

Without any real resolution, you will likely find yourself back at the drawing board, but with an even tighter budget (thanks to the wasteful purchase) and higher stakes for a quality product. Ultimately, you end up spending more than you would have if you had just chosen a higher quality product.

The upfront cost is almost always worth averting all the risk and drama associated with cheap power cords. Beyond the hassle involved in seeking redemption for a bad product, you risk serious injury or damage by installing a poor-quality cable. Isn’t your peace of mind worth the investment?