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Network Security 101

How (virtually) secure is your data center?

In our most recent blog post we highlighted some of the physical data center security best practices that can help safeguard your facility from external threats and attacks. In addition to keeping your IT infrastructure protected from the physical tampering of sensitive systems, theft of intellectual property, and loss or alteration of critical information (just to name a few), there are a variety of security measures to consider for the safety of your virtual network.

Keeping your network secure is at the heart of protecting your data center. With attacks on network security becoming increasingly sophisticated, data centers are seeing the need to incorporate advanced security measures to prevent, detect, and react to potential threats. When it comes to managing the network security of your IT environment, it’s important to integrate all devices across your network and maintain operational agility. By implementing the proper network security measures, you can better protect your critical information, guarding against data theft and potential network intrusions. We’ve highlighted below a few important factors to consider in order to keep your network secure.

Perimeter Security: Protecting the perimeter of your data center is key. Businesses often protect their data centers from unwanted inbound network traffic by implementing a layered set of complementary defenses around the perimeter of their facility, between external traffic and their internal network. Strong perimeter security should extend to every device and every employee.

Segmentation: Data centers can benefit from segmenting the facility’s network infrastructure, isolating each segment from the others. Using this approach, if a security breach were to occur in one segment, the rest of the network segments would not be compromised. This can help safeguard your entire network from getting hacked all at once.

Firewall Protection: Firewalls block unauthorized access to your data center’s network, serving as the first line of defense separating secured and unsecured areas. To help monitor suspicious traffic before it reaches your internal network, many organizations deploy firewall protection paired with intrusion detection and prevention systems. These services help filter out any dangerous or unknown traffic that could pose a threat to your critical data.

Access Control Lists (ACLs): Sometimes, basic firewalls are not robust enough to protect all aspects of a data center’s network. That’s where ACLs come into play. As the gatekeeper of your network, ACLs regulate the traffic flow of all incoming and outgoing data packets. They allow or deny traffic to enter specific areas of a data center by inspecting and determining whether it complies with a specific set of rules. These rules are set up by system administrators to enable the free flow of mission-critical data while blocking potentially dangerous traffic.

Monitoring and Managing: To protect your data as best as you can, all information should be heavily encrypted during transfer, and regularly backed up and monitored at all times. Implementing strong password policies can help with this, as well as working towards a healthy culture surrounding your cybersecurity amongst anyone with access to your physical or virtual data center. By consistently monitoring your devices at the network level, you can identify all of the physical and virtual assets that reside on the local area network including the interconnections between devices and even those that remain offline. By monitoring and managing on a continuous basis, you can stay apprised of missing applications and configurations that could lead to network vulnerabilities.

Staying up to date on data center security procedures is integral as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Many companies today offer advanced tools, technology, and security software that can assist with this.

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