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Navigating International Country Approvals

Posted by Jim Smits on June 25, 2018

At StayOnline, we know the red tape so you don't have to.

  • Does this power cord need a UL amperage flag?
  • What's up with NSW codes when shipping to Australia?
  • Shipping to India? Should your equipment cord carry BIS or ISI?

All of these questions have a common thread; they can cause your product to be denied at customs. The global market place is an ever-evolving landscape of requirements. There are dozens upon dozens of approvals and their requirements change frequently. Indeed, certification marks on cords are starting to become like NASCAR logos.


OEM-Shipping-Electronic-Equipment-Internationally At StayOnline we ship to over 100 countries per year, so we can help you make sense of the confusion. In addition to our knowledge of agency approvals, we also know what types international plugs and international connectors are in common usage around the globe. We can help you identify the jacket requirements of the market that you are going to be selling your cords into both inside and out. And if your equipment is going to ship world-wide, have a look at our cords with multi-country approvals.