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Why Pick a Power Cord Manufacturer With In-House Engineers

Have you ever needed a specific product and found yourself completely overwhelmed by the variety of options? This happens all the time in the power cord industry. From gauges, amps and ratings to volts, certifications and electrical code; it’s difficult to know what will work best without some subject matter expertise. Making an assumption can be a costly mistake, you need a reliable partner. In the worst-case scenario, your supplier may give you ill-informed, dangerous information.

This is where StayOnline shines. One of the key attributes that sets us apart from other power cord manufacturers is our in-house staff of three electrical engineers. Instead of settling for a “best guess” solution, our customers have access to expert advice from people who are experts in electricity. Our in-house team of engineering experts is more than just a Q&A resource. Here’s how they specifically benefit you.

Expert Guidance & Support

There’s no shortage of industry jargon when it comes to electrical cables and connectors. Sadly, there’s also a lot of misinformation orbiting the internet. Our in-house engineers know the technical and mechanical ins and outs of every product. They can fill in the blanks and explain important details as they relate to each your unique case. If further research is required, our engineering team will also help you understand what questions to ask to pin down remaining electrical plans.

Filter For Mistakes & Oversights

Even if a supplier or customer has baseline electrical knowledge, it still may not be enough to recognize obscure dangers, navigate technical issues, or identify which products will provide the most value and best performance. Our in-house engineers are like filters; once a customer discusses their preliminary requirements with a sales representative, the information passes through engineering for validation. If everything checks out, you’ll have peace of mind moving forward. If a dangerous combination is in the works or there is a better solution for your project, our engineers will steer you in a more advantageous direction.

Trust your Source

More than a manufacturer, we are a trusted source for your power cord needs. Our expansive inventory of products and customization capabilities makes us a stand-out choice for distributors, OEMs and product managers. Whether you need to design a new product or sift through our inventory to find the best match, our team of in-house engineers will work closely with you to optimize your cord supply chain and find the exact right fit for your project.