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The Compliance Documentation Pitfall: Is Your Company In Violation?

The best accounts are the ones that bring in substantial revenue, but don’t require much work, right? You source the customer’s power cords; they become a steady income stream for the business, and the relationship runs smoothly without much maintenance. Over time, this revenue stream becomes a sizable landmark on your quarterly reports. That’s when “it” happens.

The Compliance Documentation Pitfall

One day, completely out of the blue, the customer calls you. They may be facing an agency violation, and they need you to provide them with the compliance documentation for each and every power cord you’ve provided. Immediately, you go into a cold sweat. Each power cord has multiple documents and you’ve provided them with ten different cords! That means your document compliance problem is growing fast. Your customer isn’t going to wait patiently while you do the forensics required to track down the documents.

The Risk

If you’ve been sourcing the customer’s power cords through a discount reseller with shoddy customer service, there’s a good chance that once steady cash flow is about to dry up. You may not be 100% positive that every cord met the customer’s compliance needs and without a dedicated Compliance Officer, good luck tracking down all the documents you need. A timely resolution is unlikely, if at all, and you could be held liable for all the costly damages associated with your customer’s violation(s).

Recently, this situation is exactly what happened to one company, who’s customer requested the compliance documentation for 12 power cords; each involving seven separate documents per cord.

Sourcing your products through a professional, reputable Power Cord Manufacturer will eliminate this risk.

A trusted manufacturer produces a superior product that is fully backed by quality assurance and in-house compliance officers. Should you ever receive a dreaded phone call like this, all you need to do is make one call to the manufacturer’s customer service line, and their experts will handle the rest.

The ultimate question is, how much is your peace of mind and reputation worth? Don’t cut corners when it comes to power cord supplies. The compliance and safety risks aren’t worth the up-front savings and could permanently damage your reputation.