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4 Ways to Customize Your Data Center Power Cords

When it comes to data centers, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With IT constantly evolving, organizations that remain flexible and adaptive tend to be most successful. At the same time, it is critical to specify elements that will help ensure data center optimization and efficiency, while reflecting your corporate personality and unique needs ── right down to the power cords. Whether constructing a new facility from the ground up or renovating an existing space, there are numerous ways to customize your data center power cords. Consider the following options:

1. Show your true colors. Different colored power cables represent a golden opportunity for data center managers. Most notably, they allow easy identification of power paths while easing manageability of main and redundant power sources. In addition, separate shades promote streamlined installation, reduced maintenance time, and enhanced cleanliness and order. Ultimately, the varied hues can help keep your IT budget in the black, as they contribute to fewer accidental shut-offs, less downtime, more efficient use of resources and increased productivity ── consequences that should leave data center managers tickled pink.

2. Go to great lengths to ensure the right dimensions. There’s no downsizing the importance of selecting the proper length of a power cord. Choosing the appropriate angle can yield an array of advantages. In addition to lowering the risk of disconnect and improving air flow to servers, the correct angle helps alleviate strain on the cord, reduces the risk of harmful EMI, and delivers high performance in terms of server speed and durability.

3. Lock out trouble. One of the best kept secrets in efficient data center operation, locking power cords bolt into place and reduce the risk of downtime by securing equipment connections. Strengthening network agility and infrastructure management, the locking mechanisms safeguard devices that are susceptible to vibration, human error or accidental disconnection. In addition to shielding against accidental removal from a connected network device, the twist lock plugs are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their availability in an array of colors, angles and custom lengths designed to meet the needs of any application and environment.

4. Configure completely. Prefer to customize your ideal power cord from start to finish? No problem, thanks to StayOnline’s CordBuilder™ configurator. The tool empowers data center professionals to design, price and order the exact power cabling to meet the needs of their precise applications. Also ideal for hard-to-find, one-off products, the customized power cords even feature their own part number and product name for convenient reordering.

When selecting data center power cords, you don’t need to feel constrained by a one-size-fits-all approach. With the wide variety of available options offered at StayOnline, it’s never been easier to completely customize the optimal solution for your facility needs.